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Andrew Mather passed his part 3 test at the 1st attempt on Tuesday 16th August after his training with Dave Griffin.andre-mather-small
Andrew said ” I am very grateful to Dave for all his training, advice and support. I am in no doubt that I would have never achieved my 1st time passes with both Parts 2 and 3 without him. He is tough, demanding and has very high standards and at times I was not sure I would pass but he kept me going and for that I am in his debt“.

“Dave is a brilliant driving instructor and helped me to pass my driving test on the first attempt in only 4 and a half months! Through excellent tuition, encouragement and endless support Dave made this possible for me.
Not only did Dave boost my confidence and make me feel happy with my driving, he made me laugh throughout my lessons and was very generous. I would recommend Dave to anyone and hope that people learning to drive will choose Dave and South Molton Driver Training as he will help you to succeed and reach your full driving potential! Thank you Dave I am forever grateful!”
Jo Hosegood

I would like to thank David on his commitment on helping me to pass my test and his excellent tuition which helped me pass with no faults. I strongly recommend him, many thanks
Jack Thorne

“Thank you, Dave for helping me to pass my driving test on my first attempt.Ben-pass-driving-test
I have just turned 17 and booked on one of your intensive driving courses.
Apart from driving farmer’s cars and tractors in fields I had no driving experience beforehand.
I had a great week, not just learning to drive but finding my way around Barnstaple as I’m from Hereford! (with family in North Devon).
In just 20 hours you had me driving to the required standard to pass my test with TWO examiners in the car – no pressure!
I found Dave very easy to get on with. He tailored the lessons around my needs keeping them interesting and productive. He even went out of his way to accommodate my fine dining, A Big Mac Meal 4 days on the trot…. He’s a great instructor.”
Ben Hewitt 17 years and 2 months.

“Congratulations to Tim Sowton for passing all three parts of your qualifying examination 1st time with South Molton Driver Training to become a fully qualified driving instructor; it’s been a pleasure working with you Tim and all the very best from all at South Molton Driver Training for your future.”


“I thoroughly recommend South Molton School of Motoring. I passed first time thanks to Dave’s expert tuition. He has the ability to spot your errors and help you correct them without any problems. He also provides an extremely positive atmosphere during lessons and is excellent at settling nerves and putting you at ease.”
Kate Palmer

“Found Dave to be a friendly and approachable driving instructor. Always had time to explain everything thoroughly. With the help of Dave, I passed my test with 0 faults just 7 weeks after my 17th birthday. Would recommend Dave as an instructor to absolutely anyone.”
Jonathan Symons

“I passed my test 2 months ago roughly. Being older I found learning something new daunting and scary but thanks to David and his amazing patience I passed. Thanks David I now have my first little car and so much independence : also thought I’d let u know that I was followed and stopped by an old lady last week ! She wanted to let me know how great it was to drive behind someone that keeps to the speed limits… He he u taught me well. Xx”
Sara-Jane Angell

“David is an exceptional driving instructor; he is friendly, patient and thorough and puts you at ease straight away. From never having driven a car David got me through my test within 8 week, after all other instructors that I contacted said this could not be done. I enjoyed every lesson and with David’s help my nerves soon went. I have recently undergone pass plus and completed it with flying colour which is all due to David’s excellent tuition. I would strongly recommend him to all perspective drivers. Thank you.”
Charlie Southward

“I would just like to say that David Griffin is the best driving instructor I have ever met. He not only gives you excellent tuition but always puts in the extra effort by helping you and guiding you like a friend. He gives you hourly lessons and if they run over never charges a single penny for that time. He is very patient with nervous learners and has a great sense of humour that puts you at ease at all times. David  has helped me immensely. Without him I am not sure whether I would have passed my test. I have not known David Griffin very long but he has given my great confidence in myself to drive at ease. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met and would highly recommend him and South Molton School of Motoring. I have also taken the Pass Plus Test and sailed through it with the help of David Griffin. We ran over the test time by three hours and he never charged me as he is a kind,caring and generous person. I have just bought a new car and David Griffin has kindly offered to spend an hour in my new car to help me to accustom myself to it with no fee charged. If anyone wants to pass their test quickly and effectively book David Griffin as your driving instructor and realize your dream.” Lesley Sey

“I would first of all just like to thank David Griffin so much for helping me to pass my driving test, I don’t think that I could have done it with anyone else and because of that I would recommend the South Molton School of Motoring to anyone. David’s fantastic teaching methods allow you to learn in a calm, relaxed way and his positive attitude to teaching help to make the nervous drivers like myself into confident drivers. He will always go the extra mile to ensure that you understand and are confident with everything. Thank you Dave!”
Samantha Banks

“Dave helped me learn to drive in a fun and friendly environment, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!”
Zoe Smith

“I highly recommend South Molton School of Motoring to anyone, whether they have sat behind a wheel before or had no experience (like me!!) I never thought I could pass in just 4 months of learning. It has built my
confidence to become a good driver and having done the Pass Plus I have learnt so much I didn’t know about and have gained a lot of experience in just one day. Thank you so much.”
Sophie Berry

“I passed my test after booking an Intensive Course with South Molton School of Motoring. I loved Dave’s approach to teaching; he tailored the lessons to suit me, helping me build my confidence behind the wheel. I would recommend him to everyone as he made learning to drive (in a short space of time!) a pleasurable experience. Thank you for your knowledge and patience Dave! I’m even planning on taking the Pass Plus soon!!!”
Genevieve Coupland

“Huge thanks for the help, support & teaching brilliant friendly instructor & so happy to pass. Definitely recommend David Griffin to everyone”.
Anne Marie Selley

Would like to say “thank you to South Molton School of Motoring for helping me pass my driving test couldn’t of done it with out the encouragement that you gave me to boost my confidence in driving.
Once again thank you!” Sophie James

“Thank you so much to South Molton School of Motoring for the fantastic teaching, both in driving ability and to build my self confidence making me believe that i could actually drive, enabling me to pass first time. Passing a driving test first time is one of the best feelings ever and I most definately wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help I look forward to doing the Pass Plus soon. Thank you!”
Sophie Jury

“I would like to say a HUGE thank you to David Griffin for helping me to pass my driving test. Your positive attitude really helped to boost my confidence. I would recommend you as an instructor to anyone starting to drive or revisiting driving after a break. Thank you once again for your time and patience. Passing my test meant so much to me, I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Holly Pearce

“Great Instructor, easy going, good sense of humour, well recommended. Thanks David.”
Mike Pintus

” David helped my improve my driving ability massively. I don’t consider myself a natural driver and found that David’s teaching methods gave me enough confidence to feel 100% ready for my test. I would recommend South Molton Driving School ten times over.”
Oliver St John

“Thank you to South Molton School of Motoring! I am not a natural driver and found that the teaching methods really helped me to pass first time! Thank you!”
Beth Avery

“Having not been behind the wheel of a car in over twenty years I decided that some refresher driving lessons would be beneficial. David tailored my lessons to building my confidence driving on quieter roads whilst I familiarised myself with the car. Under David’s patient tutelage my driving skills and techniques greatly improved. It is reassuring to know that should I ever need advice and/or to brush up on a particular concern then I only need to pick up the telephone to South Molton School of Motoring. It is then with grateful thanks that I recommend David of South Molton School of Motoring.”
Anne Prout

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